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This is our blog where we will share information, pony updates and news on events/classes.

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Fine Motor in Horsemanship

In any sport or activity, it’s usually easiest to pick out the gross motor skills. They usually just seem more obvious! But our fine motor skills are put to work most times, too. Let’s check out how equestrians use their fine motor skills. Riders utilize fine motor skills from the moment they come in contactContinue reading “Fine Motor in Horsemanship”

Riding and Gross Motor

Let’s move on from our core to the rest of the major muscles and whole-body movement. Children are continuously developing muscle strength and coordination. From learning to walk to riding a bike to running in a line, their bodies are developing rapidly! The gross motor skills gained and strengthened during horseback riding could certainly beContinue reading “Riding and Gross Motor”


We are very sad to let everyone know that we have decided not to schedule any Pony Preschool classes during the months of January and February. Although we have a great airy indoor space for classes, we have been concerned with Covid numbers rising again as well as all the little colds and sicknesses thatContinue reading “*Announcement*”

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